Gallery - Pet Portraits

saaPet portraits painted in acrylic on watercolour board from photographs.
One good clear photo is needed or a number of photos can be used. For group portraits or a couple together i can sometimes use separate photos and paint them together. Take for example the portrait of the man and horse. No photo was available of the person with a horse so i used one good photo, left out the young child and painted him holding a horse.
  • Photographs can be delivered in person, posted or emailed.


  • Finished artwork can be collected.


  • An additional charge of £5 will be added for P+P
prices start from
  • £150       8 x 11 in           £50 per extra face, subject or extra detail in background.
  • £175      12 x 16 in            ''
 These prices are a guideline only
Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries concerning prices and sizes