Gallery of New Work

Recent portraits and personal work painted this year 2010.
Personal work soon to be available to buy as Prints and Greetings cards, please contact David for details
Acrylic 22 x 30 in
March 2010
A painting about the cycles of the seasons and the fragile co existence of some of the worlds
flora and fauna.
The Goddess watches over with helping hands, keeping balance and harmony.
Acrylic on watercolour board 22 x 30 in
April 2010


Landscape 11

Small acrylic 8 x 6 in
sold £80



acrylic 8 x 6 in



acrylic 8 x 6 in




Acrylic on Watercolour board 22 x 30 in



mr corvus

A Most Terrible Tale Concerning The Persecution of Old Mr. Corvus.

Acrylic on Watercolour board 22 x 30 in






battle of sun n winter

The Battle of the Sun and The Dark Forces of Winter.

Acrylic on Watercolour board 22 x 30 in



What Makes Old Father Time Tick

What Makes Old Father Time Tick.

acrylic 2011 30in x 22in






Absinthe. painted in acrylic 2011. Absinthe was a highly intoxicating and slightly hallucinogenic drink that was around in the late 1800's and later banned. It was also known as 'Green Fairy'.




gwenhyffr enhanced

Gwenhyffr.  painted in acrylic 2011. This is the old Celtic spelling of the name Guinevere.



dead forest calligrapherThe Dead Forest Calligrapher. Painted in acrylic 2012
The title came to me early one morning and on the way to my gallery i sketched what it might represent in my head before working it out in my sketchbook. When a tree is to be cut down they are often marked with a cross or spot of paint. I saw this Calligrapher as a very poetic person from the age of Romantic Poets in the early 1800's such as Byron, Keats and Shelley, writing a eulogy , a dedication to the life of the tree before it is cut down.
The poem reads :-
Long you've lived lived
And long you've died,
For many years
you have survived.
Oh mighty Oak your time has come
Your life on Earth is nearly done.
I give to you my thoughts and tears
For all you've given
These many years.
No longer will your boughs grow higher,
For now you'll fall by axe and fire.
coronaCorona. painted in acrylic 2012.
This is about the Sun and its eternal revolving, the passage of time, and looking forward to the return of light after dark. The steampunk scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol on her crown representing the the passing of time and the cycle of Death and Rebirth. I struggled for a title at first and played around with words of similar sounds, Coronet for the crown, Chronos the greek word for time and corona the plasma atmosphere of the sun.
improvisations of lost thoughts

The Improvisations Of Lost Thoughts. painted in acrylic 2012. 11 x 16 in

A dark painting about failing memories and the ability of the mind to patch up lost information in anecdotes and thoughts to the point where the they bear no resemblance to the original memory. This statue is slowly disappearing in the tangled roots of the tree and the bronze cape has been patched up so many times that the original garment has long since gone.